Travel Rush
Travel Rush

Princewill1, Nairaland

The high successes recorded by dubious politicians, fraudulent pastors and ponzi scheme operators in Nigeria are living proofs that Nigerians can be so gullible. We can easily be deceived. The astronomical hype on Canada is the latest deceit in town. Here are things you need to know before immigrating.

1. The list of richest Nigerians is filled with Nigerians living at home. You’re more likely to make it into Forbes if you live in Nigeria. At least that’s what the stat shows, whether people making into Forbes in Nigeria are engaging in corrupt practices is a story for another day. The odds of becoming a dollar billionaire favours those at home . No Diaspora Nigerian has ever made it into Forbes billionaire list.

2. There are more money to be made in a developing economy than in a developed economy. That’s why as you’re rushing out of the country, Lebanese, Indians and Chinese are rushing in. Only few will understand. You’re sitting on the biggest market in Africa yet you haven’t realize this but the Lebanese and the Indians knew this.

3. If you are the type who don’t fancy working for others, it’s much more easier to own a business in Nigeria than in Canada/US. Western countries were set up for the 99% populace to work for 1% elites. Their education systems were designed to produce workforce for the rat race. Not to create employers of labour.

4. It’s stupidity to resign from a high-paying job in Nigeria in a bid to relocate to Canada/US. Your eyes will get clear up when you start facing the hard realities in Canada. Those who had made this mistake in the past are ashamed to come on social media to talk about it. The ones talking on Twitter are ‘freshers’ who just arrived.

5. If you want to secure 2nd passport for your kids, you don’t necessarily need to immigrate to achieve this. There are other ways, one method is overseas child birth.

6. You’re 5x more likely to be shot and rubbed in New York than in Lagos. Poor neighborhoods all over the world has more crime rates. The thing is, when you finally made it in Nigeria,you can move to high brow areas with lesser crime.

7. Nigerians are spending up to 8millions ($21k) and above to immigrate to Canada/US whereas an average canadian or American citizen can’t boast of $10k in their bank A/C’s. They live pay check to pay check.

8. Some Nigerians claims that they ain’t relocating because of the money but because of good infrastructure, good health care system, value for their money etc. That’s a lie! 98% of Nigerians who’re eager to travel out are relocating because of economic reasons. There are good infrastructure, good health care system and value for money in countries like Kuwait, Russia, Brazil, South Korea, Chile etc but Nigerians ain’t trooping there, indicating that their preference for Canada/US is purely based on economic reasons.

9. It’s cheaper to live in Nigeria. Canada/US promises higher minimum wage but the system will still take it away from you. It’s like giving you with one hand and taking from you with another. $2k (N760k) will pay for your one year rent of 2 bedrooms apartment in a good location in Nigeria but same amount will only fetch you one month rent of a match box apartment in Canada/US.

10. This is not to stop you from traveling out but to inform you on the true realities. Economic immigration should be left for lower or working class who’re struggling or to young lads who wants to school abroad and thereafter further their career overseas. Not to deceive Nigerians already earning good in corporate offices in Nigeria to resign and relocate where they will be employed as security guards or to deceive business owners who’s businesses are thriving in Nigeria to close down business and relocate. Don’t let them deceive you with the hype. Money don’t grow on trees anywhere in the world.


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