Nancy Isime
Nancy Isime

Davies, Within Nigeria

Media personality, Nancy Isime, has said she lost her mum when she was five years old and attempted suicide as a child.

The 29-year-old stated this in an interview published by BBC Pidgin on Wednesday.

She said she started working at the age of 17.

“I lost my mum at five. I didn’t really have a smooth childhood. I suffered from depression and attempted my first suicide in childhood. It was actually the only but I was able to go through all that and I’m still here today.

“Some people had time to grow through life but I had to mature in time. Losing your mum at the age of five, you’re exposed to a lot of things you’re not supposed to experience. I started working at the age of 17,” she said.

Nancy also spoke on how she got her signature hair.

“As weirdly as it sounds, one day my hair was itching me and I fixed so the heat was much and right there and then I decided to loose the hair.

” When I was small my father cut my hair almost throughout my childhood and I hated it, I felt I was an ugly child so I never thought the hair will be my style,” she said.

Nancy paid tribute to her mum, 24 years after death on April 28.

She wrote, ”Dear mum, It’s been 24 years since you went on that trip and never came back..Till we meet to part no more, keep watching over me… I love you.”


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