Popular Yoruba Historian, Banji Akintoye alongside freedom fighter Sunday Adeyemo (Igboho) have declared the sovereignty of the Yoruba nation.

In a video circulating the social media, Akintoye and Igboho, along with some Yoruba leaders stated that the Yoruba nation could be independent and yet, thrive.

 Yoruba Sovereignty
Yoruba Sovereignty, Professor Banji Akintoye

Akintoye said the most important thing for the Yoruba nation is to learn to work towards its sovereignty.

According to him, this is not a time to discuss issues surrounding restructuring, resource control or a new constitution but rather to secede from Nigeria.

He urged all Yoruba patriots to work together for the independence of the Yoruba nation, urging the young ones not to involve violence but peaceful deliberations.

Yoruba Sovereignty: We must work together

“We have declared that sovereignty now but we must work together. We have just talked about what the Yoruba nation is suffering from in Nigeria. There should be no reason why we cannot all work together to extricate ourselves from this rubble that Nigeria has become.

“My advice to young people is to gather together, speak to leaders hesitating about Nigeria, there is no reason for any Yoruba person to be talking about restructuring or a new constitution or resource control, the game is up. We have seen enough of Nigeria, we have decided our status in the world today. We have moved forward, let us move smoothly without any violence, don’t fight anyone. There should be no war, we are going to have a separate Yoruba conference very soon.”

Igboho, who also spoke at the conference, said the South-West states were no longer under Nigeria.

His comment followed others he had made in the past such as there being no basis for one Nigeria as insecurity continued to spread to Yoruba land.

In the video, he encouraged Yoruba people living in other parts of the country to return to the South-West region.

Igboho said the Yoruba kingdom was united in the latest agitation, and had the backing of all its traditional leaders. He challenged any Yoruba ruler who did not support him to openly refute his claims.

He said, “All the Yoruba youths in this land support our father (Banji Akintoye). We are in support because we know that these are our real fathers who understand that we are fighting for our rights against people that are disturbing us on our land. If we meet any Fulani herdsman, we are ready to face and destroy them starting from now. If any policeman attacks us for that, we are ready for them.

“We are ready to challenge a country that has nothing for the Yoruba people, we are taking back our territory. I meet with 5-year-old, 6-year-old children, that have no fathers, mothers, nothing. These children smoke Indian hemp, this country is finished, we don’t want Nigeria again, we want the Yoruba nation, we don’t fear anybody, we fear only God, enough is enough.

“Fulanis are cheating us, they rape our women, make videos of that so we can see. Benin Republic is not up to Osun State, and they are living in peace, there is security. Yoruba citizens are going to work as maids there, some of our people are even sent back when they don’t have their papers. When some of us here were little, Ghanaians came here to work as cobblers, but now, Yorubas are asked to leave.

“No Yoruba person holds a major political position in Nigeria, this is the 14th year a Yoruba man was the Inspector-General of Police, no Yoruba man was ever a Chief of Army Staff, no Yoruba has been in that position. Hausa Fulani heads everything, instead. They gave us the position of Vice President that cannot make any major decision.

“All Yoruba citizens are in support of our move to secede, Banji Akintoye, Afenifere, the Yorubas know about it. Any of them that says he is not in support should make a video and refute this claim.

“If we learn that a soldier or policeman touches one of us, there will be trouble, we don’t want Fulani herdsmen, they should go their way. From tomorrow, we will go from place to place and sensitise people about security, we won’t see Fulani again.

“These herdsmen go about to destroy our crops and then end up selling food to us, is that not slavery? The average Seriki Fulani palace is bigger than that of a Yoruba king. We thank the Olubadan for disempowering a Seriki Fulani and placed him under a Baale. What the Fulanis do here, no Yoruba citizen can do such in the North. Why are we slaves in our land?

“Our senators and honourable will be held up in traffic, see underage children selling snacks, they will buy from them, is that not bad?

“There are Yorubas in different countries of the world. We plead with the United Nations to separate us from Nigeria before it turns to war, if they don’t come, it will be worse than this. As it stands now, we are no longer Nigeria, we are no longer under dictatorial government, we sleep in fear, eat in fear, are we slaves?

“Some say Yoruba people are not united, we are! If you want to try us, touch one of us. Any king that says he is not with us, should make a video and make his claim. Yoruba citizens in Hausa land, come back home, this suffering is enough.”

Source: Sahara Reporters


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