Popular comedienne Lepacious Bose seems to be excited about her weight loss as she shares some throwback and recent photos to prove her drastic transformation.

Comedienne Lepacious Bose
Comedienne Lepacious Bose

The comic-star who was previously known for her surplus size revealed that her constant work-out and abstinence from junk food has given her a shape she always longed for.

Lepacious Bose Throwback Photos

Lepacious Bose further vowed never to return to her previous shape again.

In her words:
Some throwback pictures sha!!!!
See swag my swag! The fat on my body could have opened a whole oil supply chain.
Fat Na bastard! I almost can’t remember her! Thank God for old pictures!

So when you guys ask me what keeps me going, what motivates, me, how I keep up…… it’s pictures like this! These pictures get me up in the morning and wearing my gym clothes, these pictures help me say no to junk food, these pictures keep me grounded because am not going back here!!!! H**l Nooooo! Never going back here; I can never be a slim girl; I accepted that, am cool with that, but going back into this body is not an option either! I keep moving!!!

See the posts below:


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