Nigerian Food
Nigerian Food

Some people do not like different food for different reasons…..

He says…


” I don’t like Nigerian food because of the smell, it smells really bad all over the house when my mother cooks it. The smell of goat meat and cow skin makes me sick…

We always have to open the windows to let the smell out and it’s very irritating.
Another reason why I don’t like Nigerian food is that It looks like it is vomit sometimes, especially the ones used in eating garri, and the taste is not so good in my mouth cos of the spices.

One day I will brace up some courage and eat a full Nigerian meal because my mother is on my case every time she eats food from her country. She says a proper Nigerian person should eat Nigerian meals and i tell her the same when she buys Mac Donalds to eat.
If you like Nigerian food, please continue to enjoy it, I have nothing against anyone’s choice of food,” .

Source: Gistmania


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