Annie Idibia, the Nollywood actress, has threatened to “scatter everything” after she claimed 2Baba had fled the country to the US amid the crisis rocking their marriage.

The spotlight has continued to beam on the couple ever since Annie called out her husband for allegedly spending nights with his baby mama on the ground that he was visiting his kids.

It also elicited different reactions on social media platforms, as the families of the lovebirds engaged in a wave of heated outbursts.

But in a dramatic twist on Wednesday, Annie claimed her husband “is on his way to America” with the help of his cousin and manager in a now-viral audio recording.

In the leaked audio, the movie star also alleged that 2Baba lied to her that he was going for a shoot, unknown to her that he was trying to escape from the house.

“I am going to scatter everything. Nobody knows the wrath of an angry woman. I ruin everything. Hello, Idibia family, this is Annie. Today, everything was peaceful nothing happened,” she was heard saying.

“My husband told me he had a shoot today only for him to pack his things and his stupid cousin, Franky helped him plan it. His family does not love me, they hate me.

“They have been giving me headache for the last 10 years. Today, my husband lied to me; he packed his things that he was going for a shoot but he is on his way to America.

“This was planned by himself, … and Franky — all behind my back. I don’t deserve this, I don’t. I know this is not your business but I can’t call any member of his family.

“I can’t even call his manager, he would not pick my call because he thinks I am standing in his way. My husband is on his way to America without telling me…I’m done.”