Despite being an alleged Nigerian fraudster, social media giant, Instagram has said that Hushpuppi can continue using his account.

Hushpuppi’s Instagram account was a channel where he flaunted his luxurious life in Dubai.

He always showed off his expensive lifestyle on his Instagram account. He notably shared photos of extravagant shopping trips, luxury cars, clothes, and watches on the platform.

Instagram which responded to an inquiry by Dubai-based The National, said the Nigerian fraudster is free to continue using his social media account as he did not violate the social media platform’s laws.

The social media giant said it has well-established processes with law enforcement and a policy on “inmate takedown requests” in place for prisoners active on social media.

The company’s global team said he would be free to continue to use the site unless directed otherwise from law enforcement in the US, where he is awaiting sentencing. Instagram said accounts are only usually closed if they represent dangerous organisations or individuals.

While Hushpuppi is yet to post on Instagram to his 2.5 million followers since June 2020, he has pleaded guilty to his crimes as revealed in court documents from April 2021. The 37-year-old Nigerian had pleaded guilty to online fraud of more $24 million.


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