Babagana Kingibe
Babagana Kingibe

Babagana Kingibe, a former secretary to the government of the federation (SGF), says the unity of Nigeria is negotiable.

Kingibe, Nigeria’s envoy to Chad and the Lake Chad basin region, spoke on Saturday at The Sun Newspaper awards for 2020 in Lagos, according to a report by Thisday.

Using the relationship between couples as an example, he explained that once a party is trying to opt out of a union, he/she must consider the pros and cons of his/her choice before making a final decision.

“I was born in Nigeria. I was groomed in Nigeria. I believe in Nigeria. People of my generation believe in Nigeria. We have no doubt about the fact that we have no option, but Nigeria,” Thisday quoted him as saying.

“However, I think that a few of my colleagues believe that the unity of Nigeria is not negotiable. Of course, it is negotiable. Even the unity of a family is negotiable. Even the constitution of husband and wife is negotiable.

“The moment either party feels this union is no longer bearable, that he or she will rather go his/her way. You help them to sit down, consider their condition after a careful and rational examination of the pros and cons of how to be married that they make the decision which suits them best.

“It is not enough to say I do not fare well where I am. So, I am going.”

Kingibe said those seeking secession from Nigeria should consider the implications of leaving and how it would affect them.

He added that they should have it at the back of their minds that they would still be on Nigeria’s land, even if they got their wish.


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