Dabarju Anarju, a Maiduguri businessman has been arrested for illegally tapping power from an electricity installation meant to power streetlights in his community.

According to several reports, the embattled businessman used the streetlights’ supply to run heavy duty equipment in his ice shop.It was gathered that the streetlights’ supply powered 21 of the fridges in his shop located at NUJ, New GRA.

This, according to sources, helps him to run his cold drinks, ice blocks, and other business that needs electricity.

To this end, he was arrested by men of the Nigerian Security and Civil Defense Corps, while his shop was demolished by the Bomo Geographic Information System on Tuesday, June 21.

A source’s narration said the man’s arrest follows the inquisitiveness of the streetlight operator in charge of the area, who became suspicious of the shop on Tuesday and asked him of the source of the power with which the fridges were powered as there was no sound of a generator.




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