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A young man has taken to social media to call out his girlfriend who is a die-hard feminist but doesn’t like paying her own bills.


According to the young man who sought advice through a relationship expert, Joro Olumofin, on how his girlfriend is doing the opposite of what feminist preaches.

In a lengthy note that he sent to Joro in a mail, he wrote;

“My Gf of 3 years is a feminist but don’t like paying for stuffs.. Good mornin Joro.. keep me anon.. Thanks..

My gf carry title of feminists on her head like job title.. she comments on blog to advocate feminist matter.. all good. Now my birthday was December and my gf dinor by me anything even Covid mask she no buy for me.

Okay so now my sister bf birthday is coming soon and my sister is buying him lace material, perfume, 2 shoes.. my own gf dinor and won’t buy anything.. men are women are equal right ?.. my gf can never pay for any stuffs when we go out..

she carry feminist mater ehn. Ohy does my gf not carry her feminist way to buy me stuffs ? What’s the meaning of feminist?.. no wonder men don’t like feminist.. Because of it I don’t think we will marry again. I need feminist opinion please.”

"My feminist girlfriend doesn't like paying for her own bills" - Man laments

A young man has taken to social media to call out his girlfriend who is a die-hard feminist but doesn't like paying her own bills.


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