Veteran Actress Joke Silva
Veteran Actress Joke Silva

Veteran Nollywood actress, Joke Silva has described learning of her adoption at a tender age of 11 as a shattering experience for her.

The award-winning movie star revealed this during her recent interview on Funmi Iyanda’s ‘Public Eye’.

Silva, who is the daughter of the first Nigerian female medical doctor Dr Abimbola Silva, said:

”Its something like where one is just getting to share it in the public. It is something that I found out when I was much younger. Mine was a secret adoption. When I mean secret it was legal but it was not something that my parents discussed.

My mum’s elder sister wanted me to travel with her to Kenya and my mother was not around. She asked if I knew where my passport was and I was like yes yes yes, I know where mum keeps all the important documents. Then I go into the important suitcase that has all the important documents, where I found my passport but also found my adoption certificate. It was like ‘I beg your pardon.”


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