Shalom, Gistreel

Nigerian reality TV star, Kiddwaya has opened up on why he couldn’t call Erica his girlfriend, even though they had a relationship.

BBNaija Kiddwaya
BBNaija Kiddwaya

Recall, during a recent interview with Punch, Kiddwaya denied having a love life, despite being seen around Erica.

When asked why he did that, Kiddwaya said he couldn’t call Erica his girlfriend in public because he wanted their relationship to be a private affair, and he didn’t want people putting their mouths in his affair.

“I feel like I need to explain myself here. So listen up carefully. She was my girlfriend at the time, and I didn’t want people to be too involved. I wanted it to be private that’s why I said what I said. And sadly my words got twisted and it brought a lot of drags. Positive vibes from now on please”, he wrote.


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