Sunday Igboho Warns FG Over Frozen Bank Accounts
Sunday Igboho Warns FG Over Frozen Bank Accounts

Adebayo Waheed, LeadershipNG

The Yoruba activist and warlord, Chief Sunday Adeyemo popularly known as Sunday Ighoho yesterday warned the Federal Government over his frozen bank accounts and rejected award of recognition from the Yoruba Youth Socio-cultural Association (YYSA).

Speaking at a meeting with the leadership of the Yoruba Youth Socio-cultural Association (YYSA) in Ibadan, Igboho had alleged that all his bank accounts have been frozen by the Federal Government due to the fact that some people were collecting donations, saying he had no hands in it.

Igboho warned that his accounts have to be unfrozen to avoid nationwide protest by youths across the southwest region.

He also frowned against those collecting donations on his behalf, saying that he never asked anybody to request for money from the general public or seek donations.

The association’s National President Olalekan Hammed, and Olawale Ajao National Secretary in a statement on Sunday noted that the group had lengthy discussion with Chief Sunday Igboho on the issue of security across Yorubaland.

The youth who commended him for his super patriotism, ultranationalism, extraordinary courage and passion towards eliminating threats to peace in Yoruba land, however, appealed to the government to unfreeze his account before he unleashed war against criminal elements not peace loving herdsmen.

The youth presented award to Chief Sunday Igboho to serve as recognition for his nationalistic struggle but rejected it.

Responding, Igboho said “I know you are behind me and appreciate my efforts but we are just starting, let’s achieve putting an end to criminalities in Yoruba land first and after we have achieved freedom an elaborate award ceremony can now follow. Thank you. I know you are doing everything to boost my morale, I appreciate YYSA”.

Igboho charged Governor Seyi Makinde to order the arrest of a suspected Fulani criminal, Iskilu Wakili who had been terrorising various parts of Ibarapaland over the last few days.

According to him, security agencies have so far taken no action.

“Yes the people are living in fear. They are afraid that the people might attack them and that is being done by one Isikilu Wakili. He has turned himself into terror and authority in the area and nothing is being done to address the situation.


“We heard about this two months ago and like I said nothing is being done to address it. If the governor hears about Wakili killing our people, harassing them and plundering their farm and yet little or nothing is being done, it is sad. We expected the governor to direct the security agencies to smoke him out but there is virtually no action”, he said.


While the association lamented over the activities of herdsmen who refused to vacate Ondo State forest reserves after ultimatum, Chief Sunday Igboho said, “let Ondo State invite me and you will see if they are still going to remain in those forests.

“I am ready to fight deadly herders but needed a go ahead from governors”, he added.


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