Concerned fan takes to social media to lecture the DMW Records boss, Singer Davido, over his newly acquired luxury Rolls Royce car worth over N150M.

Singer Davido
Singer Davido

The singer had gifted himself a brand new whip yesterday estimated to worth millions as a token for his hard work and achieved career goals.

However, a Twitter user identified as Daniel Regha condemned the singer for flashing his wealth unnecessarily and investing in vanity rather than in profitable businesses.

Davido but invest ur wealth & save for a rainy day; U are m!susing ur wealth purchasing multiple cars u don’t need. Furthermore, when u purchase things, u shouldn’t flaunt them cos doing that make some people especially the youths become desperate to make quick money,” he wrote.

"You're misusing your wealth & making youths desperate" - Fan slams Davido for flaunting new car

Source: Gistreel


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