Former P-Square member Paul Okoye, now known as Rudeboy or King Rudy, is blissfully married to Anita Okoye.

Anita is currently pursuing her education in Atlanta, Georgia. She traveled with her three children, Andre, Nathan and Nadia, who are twins.

Anita uploaded images of herself, her children, and Cameron, the first kid of her husband’s twin brother, Peter Okoye.

Her caption is lovely, and it has gotten her a lot of praise.

The caption on Anita’s photo reads: ” @anita Okoye All of my children are beaming… Some people were too lazy to pose for a photo.”

This drew a lot of praise from Anita’s fans, who praised her for counting Peter’s son Cameron among her children.

Rudeboy was in the comments section, and he used the love emoji to say “Awn..”. Cameron was seen in one of the photos supporting Nadia, Rudeboy’s twin daughter.


Anita And Her Kids
Peter Okoye’s Son, Cameron carrying Rudeboy’s Daughter


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