Crypto Jobs in Nigeria
Top High Pay Crypto Jobs in Nigeria

In a world where the rate of unemployment is on the rise particularly in Nigeria where the rate of unemployment has increased to 33% from 27.1% in the second quarter of 2020. Blockchain and Cryptocurrency have successfully created wealth and jobs for lots of people across the world.

Bitcoin and the underlying technologies have been on the top of their game at creating employment for most people with some specific skill sets. It has created high-income jobs that are remote-friendly, have flexible working time, are transparent, less rigorous, and a very important point is that the required skill sets are easily acquired.

The competition for our traditional jobs is increasing daily, and their pay is decreasing with the increase in the supply of labor. Conversely, in the crypto world, there is a demand for jobs but a shortage of expertise, hence, the pay for the few expertise is very attractive.

In this piece, we have tried to compile a few of the high-paying jobs in the cryptocurrency and blockchain world, what they do, their requirements, and the amount they are paid on average for the job. We have compiled this so that Nigerians can work toward acquiring the skills sets and using them as an alternative way to make money in this bear market.

Blockchain Developer

This is one of the jobs that the demand has skyrocketed in the last decade. A blockchain developer is a person that develops, manage and secure blockchain networks and platform. It is one of the high demanding jobs that require you to have knowledge of programming and be familiar with blockchain frameworks like hyper ledger fabric. The requirement for this job is basic knowledge of JavaScript, Solidity, and development tools like Truffle, Hardhat, etc. they are not rocket science they are skills you can learn in a year and land a job in the same year.

The average salary for a blockchain developer is $107,112 according to

Research Analyst

The research analyst oversees analyzing the market, determining the effectiveness of blockchain, identifying areas for improvement, and developing strategies for implementing such changes.

They can be called crypto analysts, they identify problems, potential risks, and solutions within the blockchain environment. The basic requirement for this job is an extensive knowledge of cryptocurrency and blockchain. The average salary of a crypto analyst is $98,456 per year according to

Crypto Legal Analyst

There will always be a need for a Crypto Legal Analyst as far as cryptocurrency and blockchain keep growing. The government is tightening the regulation against crypto users, they are bringing new regulations day in day out. The crypto legal analyst analyzes the regulation and brings in new ways to use cryptocurrency without disrupting the regulation.

They oversee the legal aspects of companies or parties that deal with cryptocurrency and blockchain. The most important requirement is a good understanding of English and communication skills, understand blockchain technology, basic knowledge of the law is an added advantage.

The average salary of a crypto legal analyst is $111,000.

Security Architect

One important reason people venture into cryptocurrency and blockchain is that it is very difficult to hack. The system is highly secured and encrypted so it becomes somewhat impossible to breach for fraudulent activities. The work of the security architect is to ensure that the system maintains this level of security.

The job requires you have basic knowledge of cybersecurity, python, attention to detail, and analytical skills.On average, the salary of a security architect is $152,000 according to

Marketing Specialist

The purpose of a coin is incomplete without it being used. There is no point in creating something that won’t be in use by the consumer. Hence, this is where the importance of the marketing strategist comes to play. The marketing strategist showcase the usage of a product, in this case, a cryptocurrency e.g. Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. so that people will buy Bitcoin with naira.

They work directly with the development team to make an informed decision with marketing the product. They are usually the ones behind the increased adoption of a coin. They can for example bring Bitcoin marketing to Nigerians so that there will be an increase in the number of people that will buy Bitcoin in Nigeria.

The Job requires you to have some knowledge of digital marketing and the use case or functionality of the coin. The average salary of a marketing specialist is $50,000 according to

Crypto UX Designer

They create a unique and user-friendly interface that will attract people to buy Bitcoin in Nigeria and buy Bitcoin with naira. This role is very important because anything that has to do with people’s money, there are usually very careful to not make mistakes handling their money, hence the UX designer design interface that is clear and understandable to the mass and as well easy to use. If they want to instruct people to buy Bitcoin with naira, they do so in simple and easily understandable words.

The average salary of a UX designer is $120,000.

We will stop here, for now, there are several other lucrative jobs that we will not be chance to discuss in this piece. However, we must understand that cryptocurrency is like every other firm, therefore it will surely have provision for jobs like Customer support, HR manager, Talent acquisition manager, social media manager, content creators, project manager, and quality engineer as it is present in our traditional firms.

You can pick up your interest in any of the work listed above and find time to develop your skill in it and make some money. You can also invest in cryptocurrency where you can buy Bitcoin with naira in this bear period with the hope that it is going to rise in the future.


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