Popular Nollywood actor and model, IK Ogbonna has jumped to the defense of his bestie Alex Ekubo after he was trolled over his failed engagement with Fancy Acholonu and receiving an honorary doctorate degree.

Alex Ekubo got dumped by his fiancee Fancy Acholonu for some reasons asking him to live his truth and a few days later was awarded an honorary doctorate degree. A man reacting to that, mocked him saying it’s a welcomed development since he didn’t get a marriage certificate.

According to the troll, since Alex Ekubo wasn’t given a marriage certificate at least he now has an honorary doctorate degree, making fun of him with some laughing emoji but his friend IK Ogbonna was there to defend him.

IK Ogbonna slammed the troll saying he is yet to get a working brain but at least his friend has a certificate. It’s unfortunate that Fancy called off their engagement and it appears Alex Ekubo has decided not to address such in the meantime.

Source: Within Nigeria


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