Nigerian dance queen, Kaffy, who recently announced her divorce, has addressed those saying she’s not qualified to give marriage advice because hers failed.

Kaffy who revealed that her marriage has been over for “almost a year now”, said her journey to healing and clarity “took a little over three years”.

She added that she started healing from the inside before she left the marriage almost a year ago. She explained that the lessons she’s sharing now about marriage are not to breed hate but so that others can learn from her experience.


Kaffy reveals her marriage has been over for close to a year as she addresses those saying she


In a video shared on her page, she addressed those telling her she’s not qualified to give marriage advice because hers failed.


She told them that when an ex-convict opens a church and begins to talk about God and give lessons from his past life as a criminal, people troop there, yet they tell a divorcee that she cannot give marital advice based on the lessons she learnt from her failed marriage.

Kaffy said she’s speaking to make people aware of the mistakes to avoid before they go into marriages and to make people better persons so that they can make better marriages.


Addressing those who say divorce will affect the children negatively, Kaffy said kids are sometimes better off when their parents are apart than to be raised in a toxic home.


“I’m a product of a divorce and my parents are not what we call qualified in terms of standard to be raising children with the kind of lifestyle that they were living,” she said.


She added: “I was living in a home where as father dey carry im own, mother dey carry im own. Is that what you call marriage? Is that where a child should be raised?”


She said that some people may see infidelity as no big deal and say that men will always cheat therefore women should accept it as long as the man is providing.


She made it clear that this scenario is not ideal and should not be seen as the norm.

“There are good men out there who are faithful,” she said.



Watch her speak in the video below.


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