Obi Cubana
Obi Cubana

Billionaire business mogul Obi Cubana is trending on the microblogging app, Twitter after the arrest of the suspended Deputy Commissioner of Police Abba Kyari.

He was arrested alongside four others on Monday over alleged illicit drug links.

The arrest came hours after the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) declared him wanted over alleged drug links.

After Kyari’s arrest, the Chairman of Cubana Group has begun to trend on Twitter.

Many argued the popular nightlife boss may just be the target of the NDLEA seeing he was reportedly grilled by operatives of the agency on January 13 over alleged drug ties.

It was reportedly alleged that suspicious payments were made into Cubana’s account by three convicted drug dealers from Malaysia, Nigeria and India.

Some others hoped Obi Cubana was not involved in drug trafficking as it is no news that the duo has a good rapport.

In January, Obi Cubana shared photos with Abba Kyari, who made his first public appearance upon his suspension at IGP Alkali son’s wedding.

The embattled DCP was among guests that attended Obi Cubana’s much-talked-about mother’s burial which took place in Oba last year.

Social media users have been reacting to the development.

@gwenshuga tweeted: “I actually feel Obi Cubana is the target to this Abba Kyari NDLEA story.”

@Mistakobz said: “Obi Cubana is still under investigation for drug trafficking. Abba Kyari is now officially wanted by the NDLEA. Are you all following the pattern of the expanding drug investigations? Be worried!! Your favourite celebrities/ skit markers might soon be on the table.”

@jacfran6 wrote: “It shouldn’t be that Obi Cubana is into drugs …you can’t be too friendly with a criminal cop if you yourself ain’t a criminal…just saying ni ooo but still Check and balance.”

@eronsjohnson stated: “Honestly, at this point, you should be worried for Obi Cubana. If he has one tiny skeleton in his cupboard. They will use this Abba Kyari bromance to tear him down.”

@roqzee tweeted: “The last high profile invitee for drug-related investigation was Obi Cubana. Are you following the pattern of the expanding drug investigation? Your favourite music artistes and skit makers are trembling right now. Enjoy the movie.”

@SamuelOmogor said: “The music is getting very interesting. “Those d gods want to kill, he first makes mad.” Obi Cubana was doing whatever he was doing to make quietly until d gods of his village visited him, and Oba happened. Now dude must dance to d music. Abba Kyari’s career has ended. Nothing else.”

@ifesinachiii wrote: “Nigerians want Obi Cubana to be indicted by fire by force. They are yet to come to terms that one can make legit money and still be having maximum fun like ọkpataozuora.”

@RealBasheerUsm1 stated: “Abba Kyari’s Relationship with Obi Cubana at that burial says a lot…”

@Geekingshedy tweeted: “The Secret between Obi Cubana and Abba Kyari is now getting clearer now & It looks like Obi Cubana is the target to this Abba Kyari NDLEA Story.”

@fadeojamomi quizzed: “Did Obi Cubana snitch on Abba Kyari the last time he was at the NDLEA office? Is this a ploy to re-arrest Obi Cubana having linked Abba Kyari to the drug cartel? Who was Abba Kyari negotiating for, himself or his cartel? Many Equations to be solved.

@OfficialDewale said: “Obi Cubana and Abba Kyari trending after the NDLEA declared the suspended police chief wanted brings to mind this Tupac video!”


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