Popular music artist manager and entrepreneur, Ubi Franklin has lamented over gender bias on Nigerian social media space.

In a lengthy tweet, the media personality deplored the society’s unfair treatment of men on social media.


He stated that the society is always eager to believe the story told by a woman while casting doubts over the one told by the man.

His post reads:

“In the Nigerian social media space, women are never wrong because of the constant support bias of women who do similar unpleasant things.

The fact that it is a struggle to believe a story told by aman because a woman has said otherwise. The woman now chooses when she is strong or weak regardless of the man’s wellbeing.

A woman can throw in an accusation whenever she decides which unarguably gets support without an opportunity for the man to proof his innocence. The man eventually attempts to speak up and the frequent tags are ‘You are not man enough’ ‘You should have kept quiet’. Forgetting that man is also a human being with feelings.

Today, I receive some level of hate off social media because of speaking out and refusing to be intimidated. Men also cry, men also have emotions. The society gives audience to the woman and shuts the man up. Equal opportunity should be given to both genders to prove their innocence. Over the years, I have learnt to fight for myself regardless of the struggle to be heard. The consciousness to keep evidence against malicious people.

Chris Brown recently got vindicated on the alleged r@pe case with little or no opportunity to proof his innocence before the backlash. If a woman cheats, her husband probably cheated that’s why she also when out to cheat. We need to do better, we need to detect pretentious and m@I!cious people. There should be consequences for these actions too. Someone has to be an example.”


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