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Crypto craze: Nigeria, UAE are most cryptocurrency-obsessed markets

Bitcoin cryptocurrency background.
Bitcoin cryptocurrency background.

Two countries have been most curious about digital currency since market crashed in April


Nigeria and the UAE have been the “most curious about cryptocurrency” since the market crashed recently this year, according to a study by CoinGecko.

The crypto price tracker had looked at Google Trends data of search items frequently used by Internet users that are interested in cryptocurreny.

The terms were then combined to give each English-speaking country a “total search score” to find out which locations have been the most interested in cryptocurrency since the market collapsed in April 2022.

With a total search score of 371, Nigeria landed the top spot, having the highest search levels for the phrases “cryptocurrency”, “invest in crypto” and “buy crypto” worldwide. For users in this market, “Solana” was the third most-searched cryptocurrency worldwide.

In the UAE, which had a total search score of 270, residents were searching for “cryptocurrency” and “invest in crypto”.

“This study provides interesting insight into which countries remain most interested in cryptocurrency despite market pullbacks,” said Bobby Ong, COO and Co-founder of CoinGecko, in a press statement.

“The countries at the top of this list appear to be keen to buy the dip and highlight their long-term outlook for cryptocurrencies,” he added.

Singapore came in the third place, followed by Australia and United Kingdom in the fourth and fifth position, respectively.

Top 15 countries most interested in cryptocurrency since April 2022:

1. Nigeria

2. UAE

3. Singapore

4. Australia

5. United Kingdom

6. Canada

7. Georgia

8. Lebanon

9. New Zealand

10. Trinidad & Tobago

11. Pakistan

12. United States

13. Ireland

14. Cyprus

15. Kenya




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