Traders are tracking a series of massive Ethereum transfers from the global crypto exchange Binance.

Two separate Ethereum whales just moved $168.4 million off of the exchange, according to the ledger tracker Whale Alerts.

The first whale sent an initial transfer of 20,300 ETH worth $33.2 million from Binance to a wallet of unknown origin.

Just one minute later, that same whale moved another 20,300 ETH worth $33.2 million from Binance to the same unknown wallet.

And just four minutes after that, the whale again moved an additional 20,300 ETH worth $33.2 million from the exchange to their Ethereum wallet.

Soon after those batch of transfers were sent, a second whale made its presence known, transferring 22,110 ETH worth $36.1 million off of Binance to an unknown wallet.

Hours after that initial transfer, that same whale moved 20,000 ETH worth $32.7 million from Binance to that same unknown wallet.

The transactions are a reversal from what happened over the weekend, when whales sent a series of massive ETH transactions to both Binance and Coinbase.

However, it appears that the big whale transfers over the weekend are not in any way connected to the whale transfers reported above.

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