A well-known Nigerian singer Kizz Daniel has talked about the continuous support his wife Mjay gave him at the beginning of his music career.


Popular Nigerian singer Kizz Daniel has talked about the continuous support his wife Mjay gave him at the beginning of his music career.

Kizz Daniel used social media to share his heartfelt gratitude and to highlight the crucial part his wife played in his ascent to fame.

Kizz Daniel revealed the significant influence his wife played on his music career journey and how she paid for his first song 10 years ago.

Mjay is said to have shown steadfast faith in Kizz Daniel’s ability from the beginning, despite others’ doubts.

"She believed in my career and even funded my first song” – Kizz Daniel reveals reasons why he loves his wife
Kizz Daniel, Nigerian artist. source: Google

In his words;

“She paid for my first song….ten years ago when i started music she believed in me. I would spend hours in the studio and she would bring me food. I remember friends mocking her that i can’t sing well. She and my brother stood by me……

I would make a post and only her and my brother would like it.

She even had to pay for the studio recording of my first song which was just 10k naira.

Today I’ll give her 100m without even thinking. Thank you Wifey “




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