In a recent post, Facebook user GBoy de vibrant remarked on actress Ruth Kadiri’s kissing scene in a movie, contradicting a statement she made a few years ago.

Kadiri has been outspoken about her aversion to participate in on-screen intimacy, especially kissing sequences.

However, the publication of the film “Rude China” appears to call into question her prior claims, sparking debate over the validity of her words and decision.

Ruth Kadiri had asserted that she would rather quit acting than kiss in a movie.

She emphasised that this was a deliberate decision on her part, and it has not prevented her from landing acting jobs.

Despite her viewpoint, the film “Rude China” implies a departure from her stated philosophy.

The Facebook user wrote:

“Ruth Kadiri once said that “she’ll rather quit acting than kiss in a movie” but this movie title “Rude china” is evident enough that all that where just words but one thing I’ll love to comment here is that, they’re some movies that if they don’t kiss it’ll not really look real and emotional, so i understand why maybe she’ll go against her words by kissing.

Read what she said here: “I don’t kiss in movies. I used to do that before, but I stopped. It’s a conscious decision I took years ago and since that time, I’ve not died, I’m still getting gigs,” Ruth said.

“But She’s still one of the most descent, Private and disciplined in the game, so let’s give her flowers.”


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