Justin Dean, a media figure, describes how he discovered that his ex-wife Korra Obidi was reportedly having an affair when she was 5 months pregnant with their kid, as he leaks a conversation with one of her claimed boyfriends.

Justin Dean blows hot after being referred to as Korra Obidi’s husband

The American chiropractor made the charges in a video posted on the microblogging platform Twitter.

According to him, Korra Obidi informed him that she was returning to Nigeria for a wedding while still pregnant.

However, he had no idea she was apparently sleeping around other men while still married to him.

He said that someone disclosed to him a conversation she had with one of her purported partners.

The message displayed a provocative conversation between Korra and another male, whose name was not revealed.

Justin Dean emphasised that his ex-wife had been sleeping around while pregnant with their daughter, Athena.

Reactions to Justin Dean accusing Korra Obidi of having an affair while pregnant…

@EObaniyi said: “You need to see how Nigerians cancelled this guy then.”

@PopJohnpaul1 wrote: “It’s sad how women always wear the victim cloaks and men have to be explaining their pains for people to actually understand what we are passing through!”

@klavaman1 said: “lol men do this to themselves tho we see this things you cannot tell me you see Lora as someone you can wife na”

@Tuneskman remarked: “Some men sleep with pregnant women? 😮”

@Da_codemaniac penned: “He brought it upon himself. How did he think someone like that won’t be promiscuous?? Lmao.”

Watch video below …


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