EXTRA: 'You're my honey... lori iro' -- preacher lists common relationship lies in viral video

James Ojo, The Cable

A video of an evangelist listing common deceptive words and phrases used by parties involved in a relationship has surfaced online and gone viral.

In the short footage, the preacher, who appears to be operating along Sango axis of Ogun state, could be seen sensitising the public against falling prey to such a relationship.


“You’re honey, lori iro, my biscuit, lori iro, my chocolate, lori iro, my tomato, lori iro, my onion, lori iro, my puff puff, lori iro, my sugarcane, lori iro… they’re lies. Lie lie lovers are not now rampant. Too much lies,” he could be heard saying in a mixture of English and Yoruba.

‘Lori iro’ is a Yoruba phrase which means  “on top lies” in English.

The video, which comes days before this year’s Valentine’s Day, has begun to ignite mixed reactions on social media platforms, with many reflecting on all the common relationship lies addressed by the preacher.

Some Twitter users also jumped on the trend to comment on other deceptive phrases generally used by people including politicians.

“APC in 2015: Buhari will handle security while Osinbajo will handle economy. Lori Iro,” a user wrote. 

“Best friend forever… Lori Iro Love of my life… Lori Iro Irreplaceable… Lori Iro Forever is the deal… Lori Iro My ride or die… Lori Iro You or Nobody… Lori Iro I can’t wait to make you my wife… Lori Iro,” another user wrote.


Here’s is what some Nigerians had to say:

















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