Bishop Kukah
Bishop Kukah

The presidency has tackled Bishop Kukah of Sokoto Catholic diocese, for describing Nigeria as a killing field under the Buhari administration.

In his Easter message on Sunday, Bishop Kukah said both the government and the citizens have become helpless as criminals continue to cause havoc in parts of the country.

Nigeria continues to battle security challenges especially in the northern parts of the country where bandits and insurgents frequently attack residents.

Kukah said many citizens are frustrated over the security situation as they wonder if the government has gone AWOL (absent without official leave).

“Taunted by Boko Haram, ravaged by bandits, kidnappers, armed robbers, and other merchants of death across the nation, there is collective fear as to whether Nigeria’s glory is about to depart” the bishop said.

“Retired military and intelligence officers lament over what has become of their glorious profession, as they watch the humiliation of our military personnel. Traumatised citizens are tortured daily by bandits.

“The nation has since become a massive killing field, as both government and the governed look on helplessly. A thick and suffocating cloud of desperation, despondency, desolation, gloom, and misery hangs in the hot air. We have no message and have no idea how long this will last.”


Responding via a statement, Garba Shehu, presidential spokesman said Bishop Kukah’s “bashing” of President Muhammadu Buhari is “ungodly.”

“All citizens have their individual ideologies, even their own versions of truth. But if you profess to being a man of God, as Father Mathew Hassan Kukah does, ideology should not stand in the way of facts and fairness,” he said.

Bishop Kukah has said some things that are inexplicable in his Easter message. But, in saying that the Boko Haram terrorism is worse than it was in 2015, he did not speak like a man of God.

“Bishop Kukah should go to Borno or Adamawa to ask the citizens there the difference between 2014 and 2021.”

Shehu also faulted the bishop for saying Buhari is not concerned about those displaced because of the security crisis, citing the creation of the ministry of humanitarian affairs, disaster management and social development as part of the president’s efforts in that regard.

“Some of the comments are no more than a sample of the unrestrained rhetoric Fr. Kukah trades in, which he often does in the guise of a homily,” the presidential spokesman said.

“We urge well-meaning citizens to continue to support the ongoing efforts by the administration to secure the country and move it forward.”

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