Buhari’s tormentor, Reno Omokri finally reacts to the claims of having a baby out of wedlock as he insists that the story is false.

reno omokri

Some days ago, a report made rounds on social media claiming that Reno had a baby with another woman while abandoning his family to start a new life.

Reno Omokri, however, denies the report completely with claims that the APC political party made it up to attack his personality and shut his mouth.

In his words;

“Dear Kadaria Ahmed,‬

‪What have I said about women that is offensive? I said women and men should maintain sexual purity until marriage. I said the practice of baby mama is devastating the Black World. I stand by those views. That story is FALSE. I do not engage in premarital and extramarital sex. ‬

‪Not only is the story false, but Kadaria, even though I know how close you are to the APC and Buhari power structure, I know that you have maintained your fairness and independence. Ask yourself why official spokespeople to President Buhari will post the story on their verified handles on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram as soon as it came out? ‬

‪Is this even the first time? Did Garba Shehu not use his personal profile to lie that I made money from #FreeLeahSharibu? I went on TV and challenged anybody who has ever given me one kobo for Leah to come out. That was a year ago. Nobody has come out to accuse me. ‬

‪They know I did not steal, so they can’t use EFCC to disgrace me. This is the only angle they feel they can use. ‬

‪My public views will not change. I will fight continue to fight bad governance and moral decay, no matter how many false stories are published about me!”

"That story is false" - Reno Omokri debunks having a baby mama, calls it a set up


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