The first Professor of Digital Economy in the world Archbishop Sam Zuga has called on Nigerians and Africans to embrace the first Cryptocurrency in Africa, ZUGACOIN.

This comes as Zugacoin continues to soar and now sells at 256,000 dollars per coin.

Zugacoin which is arguably Africa’s best selling crypocurrency is well known for its continuous success.

Today, ZUGACOIN has risen to become the highest in value in the global market topping Bitcoin which now sells at 46,000.

According to the founder, Zugacoin’s overwhelming growth is worth celebrating and best time for Nigerians and Africans in general to take on the opportunity to gain financial freedom.

He said, “I’m calling on all Nigerians to embrace ZUGACOIN to secure their financial future. The whole world is going digital, including economy. Digital currencies are substituting fiat currencies gradually. Exchange your fiat currencies to digital currencies to secure your future.

I want to appreciate all that are already in ZUGACOIN to remain steadfast, we are perfecting all that are yet to be perfected. We are not rushing because we want to build a system that will stand strong for future generations to also benefit from.

Chat the following customer care lines if you want to exchange your fiat currencies to ZUGACOIN. 08029190438. 08126526511. 07044974153.
Archbishop Prof Sam Zuga.”

Zugacoin which is the first Cryptocurrency in Africa was officially launched on December 1, 2020 with the aim of providing ways to help every willing, average Nigerian to have financial liberation and earn a better living.


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