Key To The City
Key To The City

Following his guilty verdict in his sex crime trial, embattled singer, R. Kelly’s ‘Key to the City’ honor in Baton Rouge has been taken away.

WithinNigeria reported earlier that the singer was found guilty of racketeering in a high-profile sex-trafficking case after being trailed by accusations of sexual misconduct and abuse for a long time.

Kelly was given the honor back in February 2013 by Denise Marcelle, who, at the time, was a member of Baton Rouge Metro Council. Marcelle has expressed her regrets and now rescinded it.

Though there were allegations against the singer when Marcelle presented the key to him back in 2013, the politician who is now a member of the Louisiana House of Representatives said she only knew he had been acquitted in 2008. A Baton Rouge Rep also confirmed that she still holds the power to rescind the key since she was the one who gave it out.

TMZ reported that the process doesn’t include physically taking the $256 plaque and key back from the singer.


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